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no like sometimes i am legitimately baffled when people tell me that they think i’m cool, because for the longest time i was just that weird teacher’s kid with coke-bottle bifocals. i was the total 10000000% opposite of cool for so long—i didn’t listen to the same music everyone else did, i read constantly

This is because you have entered the enclave inhabited by other book-reading intellectual woman-children with coke-bottle lenses who were the opposite of cool for so long.  (I rocked to “Night on Bald Mountain”!) We grew up and the world expanded.


Why Does Sports Media Ignore Women? By Tom Hawking

Anyone who follows US sports in more than the most cursory manner probably has an opinion on ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith — and anyone who’s been paying attention will know that he is, as Australian basketballer Andrew Bogut put it rather succinctly a couple of months back, a wanker. Smith is a professional loudmouth, a man whose career revolves around spouting “controversial” opinions in a controversial manner. As such, it wasn’t entirely surprising to hear him make an ass of himself last week with his opinions about women provoking domestic violence, and it’s been rather heartening to see his comments beingridiculed around the Internet. What’s less heartening is the way that ESPN has refused to sanction him — the network played a taped apology yesterday, but Smith will go back to work as though nothing’s happened, at least until the next time he says something stupid.

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As the attached log implies, ESPN might attract more female viewers if they got rid of this victim-blaming asswipe.  They really ought to wake up and stick their heads out of their jockstraps.  And this snotstain really ought to pay attention to who actually gets arrested in incidents of domestic abuse.

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